Booking Conditions

1. Our Agreement with You

The following terms and conditions form the basis of your contract with V1P Travel Club who act at all times as an agent of Alfendo Ltd of 2210 The Crescent Birmingham Business Park, B37 7YE.   

All travel arrangements on this website are sold subject to the following booking conditions.

2. Booking

When you or your travel agent wishes to confirm a booking, you are acknowledging your understanding and acceptance of our terms and conditions on behalf of everyone in your group.

The terms and conditions vary depending on whether you purchase a ‘package holiday’ or ‘Other Travel Arrangements’ which is anything else, for example flights or accommodation booked separately in which case we always act as an agent for the supplier, and your contract will be with that company, not  V1P Travel Club. You will be advised before you request a booking whether it consists of a package or not.

Please note that where a supplier’s services form part of your booking, the supplier’s standard terms and conditions will also apply. These are important in the case of ‘Other Travel Arrangements’ where V1P Travel Club acts only as an agent between you and our suppliers. All travel arrangements that include flights are subject to the airline’s conditions of carriage. Copies of these conditions may be requested in writing.

3. Cancellation by You

(a)  If you need to cancel a confirmed booking you must contact your travel agent.  To cover the cost of administration and cancellation charges imposed by suppliers and for the possibility that we will not be able to resell the holiday we have to make a cancellation charge. If you have purchased insurance, you may be able to claim for the charges we impose.  Should you cancel your confirmed booking or part of your booking, then the following cancellation charges will apply:

Flight Only

Pre ticketing
Loss of deposit and $75 V1P Travel Club Admin fee for cancellations for all un-ticketed bookings per passenger.

After ticketing
$75 V1P Travel Club Admin Cancellation fee plus any additional airline fees per passenger. In many cases tickets may be completely non-refundable after issue and this will be advised at the time of purchase

Hotel Only

$25 Administration Cancellation fee per room plus any additional Hotel/Supplier fees stated here or advised via our call centre.


More than 56 days prior to departure: Deposit only
29 – 55 days: the highest of 50% of the total cost or loss of deposit
15 – 28 days: the highest of 75% of the total cost or loss of deposit
14 days or less: 100% of total cost

Note: These cancellation charges apply to all bookings, except when tickets have been issued and they are non-refundable by the airline or in circumstances where a booking includes items or services where our supplier’s cancellation charges exceed those shown above. In these circumstances any additional cancellation charges will be advised at the time of booking.

4. Alteration by You

If you wish to make a change, such as a change to the date of travel or accommodation, to a confirmed booking please contact your travel agent. We will do our best to assist but it may not always be possible. In some cases, airlines require tickets to be issued on booking and where tickets have been issued changes may be treated as a cancellation

Flight Only

Pre ticketing
$25 V1P Travel Club Admin Change fee for all un-ticketed passengers per booking.

After ticketing
$50 V1P Travel Club Admin Change fee plus any additional airline fees per passenger but note that in many cases flights cannot be amended after tickets have been issued, we will advise at the time of booking


There will be an administration fee of $50 and any further costs we incur in making the alteration as noted above, many airline fares are non-refundable or changeable and may incur 100% cancellation fee for that part of the arrangements. Our costs are likely to increase the closer to the departure date the changes are made, and you should contact your travel agent as soon as possible.

You can transfer a package booking to another person, who satisfies all the requirements that apply to this booking by giving us reasonable notice before departure. Both you and the new traveller are responsible for paying all the costs we incur in making the transfer. If the services booked are dependent on a minimum number of people using the service, we will have to recalculate the total cost if the number travelling has been reduced, based on the new number of passengers travelling.  The cost may therefore increase but as this is not a cancellation charge, it may not be covered by your insurance.

No refunds will be given for unused services unless an amendment or cancellation has been made in which case the charges shown above will apply.

5. Cancellation by Us

We aim to provide the travel arrangements you have booked without any changes; however, it is possible that cancellations may be necessary due to changes made beyond our control by airlines, hotels or other suppliers. For some package holidays to operate a minimum number of people may be required. If sufficient bookings are not received, we reserve the right to cancel the holiday, but will do so at least eight weeks before departure. If there are unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances beyond our control, or if you fail to pay the final balance, we may have to cancel your booking at a later date

In the unlikely event that your travel arrangements must be cancelled we will advise you as soon as is reasonably possible, and you will be offered an alternative if we can or a full refund.

If we have to cancel your booking, except as a result of unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, we may offer you compensation where deemed appropriate. 

Note:  Compensation will not be payable when the cancellation is due to events beyond our control, such as war, threat of war, riots or disturbances, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, fire, nuclear or natural disasters, health risks including pandemics, problems with transport, severe weather conditions or any other similar events.

6. Alterations

Package Holidays

We may have to make change to your package holiday, and we must reserve the right to do so. We will let you or your travel agent know of any major changes at the time of booking or as soon as possible if you have already booked. If there is a major change to accommodation of a lower standard or to a different resort or a change of more than 12 hours in the departure time of a flight, we will tell you as soon as possible and allow you the choice of accepting the change, accepting an alternative holiday, with a refund of the difference in value if it is less expensive or you may cancel the holiday and receive a full refund. In addition, we will pay reasonable compensation to reflect the change being made unless the changes are as a result of events outside our control as set out above. Changes to aircraft type, alterations in flights times of less than 12 hours or a change to accommodation of the same or a higher standard are not considered to be major changes

Other travel arrangements

In this case, as we only act as a booking agent, particularly in the case of air tickets, we may not be notified of a major change before you travel. However, where we are notified, we will advise you as soon as is reasonably possible. If the changes are not acceptable to you, we will offer you an alternative if available, or a full refund, if permitted by airline or other supplier. If your chosen alternative costs more, you must pay the difference.

7. Lost tickets or vouchers

If your travel documents have not been received by you, or you have mislaid your travel documents, you must inform us at least 10 days prior to departure. Failure to do so may result in additional charges as special arrangements will have to be made.

8. Changes in Price

The prices shown are correct at the time of publication. You or your travel agent will be notified of any changes to these prices at the time of booking.
In the case of ‘package holidays’ we reserve the right to increase the price after booking if any increase in price occurs in respect of:
(i) Air fares or other transport costs,
(ii) Taxes or duties payable, including new taxes introduced by any government
(iii) Adverse changes to currency exchange rates
If the cost of your holiday increases by more than 8% you may decide to cancel the holiday and have a full refund or chose another one if we are able to offer one,  except for the insurance premiums or amendment fees paid after booking.  If you want to cancel you must tell us within 14 days of being advised of the increase.  In return we will not change the cost of your holiday within eight weeks of departure. Equally, where our costs fall after the package has been bought, we will pass onto you any benefit and reduced costs to ourselves as a result of changes to the items listed above.

We will not pass on any increase below 2% of your holiday price, but equally we will not refund any decrease of less than 2% of your holiday price

In the case of ‘other travel arrangements’ you can choose whether to pay in full within 14 days of booking in which case we can guarantee the price quoted. Alternatively, you may pay eight weeks before departure but, in this case, the price will be recalculated according to the fares and currency rates then applicable. No guarantee of price can be given, and you do not have the right to cancel no matter what happens to the price, except by paying the cancellation charges shown above

9. Our Liability

For package holidays only, we are responsible for ensuring that your package holiday is of a reasonable standard and as described by us to you. If any part fails to reach this standard and affects the enjoyment of your holiday, we will offer reasonable compensation, so long as it is not due to events outside our control such as action by you or a member of your party, caused a a third party unconnected with the package or unforeseeable and extraordinary circumstances which could not be avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken

In addition, we accept responsibility for any injury, illness or death arising from the activities booked through us by the fault of any of ourselves, our suppliers or their employees acting in the course of their employment. We will pay compensation equivalent to that which would be awarded in an English court but will not offer compensation if the injury, illness or death is caused by your own fault, the fault of someone unconnected with the package or by an event which could not have been expected or avoided even with all due care. You must report the event that occurs to us and the supplier whilst you are on holiday and write to us as soon as you return.

We reserve the right to limit our liability in accordance with International Conventions such as the Warsaw and Montreal Conventions in relation to air travel and the Athens Convention in relation to international sea travel, the Berne Convention in respect of travel by rail and Paris Convention in respect of the provision of accommodation. We shall have the full benefit of any limitation of compensation which is contained in these conventions and   the contractual terms of the companies that provide the services that make up your package holiday and those terms are incorporated into this booking

You can ask for copies of the relevant international conventions and terms of the travel providers which apply to your booking.

In the case of ‘other travel arrangements’ V1P Travel Club accepts responsibility for any loss, personal injury or death caused by our own proven negligence.  However, in respect of the travel arrangements themselves and any claims that may arise from them, we are unable to accept responsibility and any claims must be addressed to the supplier with whom you are in contract or to your own insurance company.

10. Complaints Procedure

If you have a problem during the course of your holiday, you must inform the supplier of the service, plus a representative whose details we have provided, or telephone our offices immediately, failure to do so may reduce or extinguish any possible claim.  We will endeavour to put things right as soon as possible for our own packages and offer assistance where the issue is with your supplier in the case of ‘other travel arrangements’.  We will acknowledge all complaints on their receipt and deal with them promptly and efficiently.

11. Data Protection

By making a reservation with us you agree to the use and disclosure of the information you provide for the following purposes: to enable us to process your booking (when it may be transferred abroad), if you purchase insurance we may process your information and pass it to insurers, for market research and analysis, to avoid fraud and to enable us to contact you by letter, telephone or e-mail with details of our products or those of our suppliers. 

You may find further information regarding our privacy policies here

12. Important Information

The products available on this web site are only available to UK residents or those who have visited the UK in the last 12 months prior to departure. Your booking on this website is conditional on you accepting our terms. If you do not agree with any part of them, you must not proceed with your booking. By clicking on the “confirm” button you accept that you have read, understood and accepted our terms.  If there is any part that you do not understand, or if you have a query on the flight or any product, please contact us on 833-745-2582, or you can e-mail us at

13. Excursions/Tours

For any excursion or tour that you book, your contract will be with the operator of the tour and not with us. We are not responsible for the provision of the excursion or tour or for anything that happens during the course of its provision by the operator.

14. Law and Jurisdiction

This booking is governed by English law, and the jurisdiction of the English courts. You may choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland if you live there and wish to do so

The prices for scheduled flights on this website are in US Dollars.  A compulsory charge for airline protection cover has been added to your booking unless you have advised us you have alternative cover, and we have a copy of your policy. The charge ensures all passengers on this booking against repatriation costs in the unlikely event the carrier you are booked to travel with becomes insolvent or otherwise ceases to trade.

V1P Travel Club reserve the right to refuse any reservation without notice or to advise of fare discrepancies within 2 working days (excluding bank holidays) of the reservation being made.

Hotel descriptions/locations
Due to suppliers providing direct hotel content to this website, V1P Travel Club cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the content and advise all users to recheck details/locations of hotels.  V1P Travel Club accept no responsibility for any errors associated with the above.

Credit card payments
Tickets are sold to credit card holders or registered travel agents only.  If you are not a registered travel agent with an account, we require payment by credit card.  The credit card information is validated after the transaction is finalised. Despatch address for tickets must be the same as the billing address for the card.

Check in and flight times
Timings shown are local times based on the 24-hour system and may change during periods according to the individual country’s daylight-saving policy. Flight times on this website are for guidance only and are subject to change. Actual flight times will be shown on your flight ticket. It is important that you check your flight details and times on receiving your tickets.

We advise you to check-in in plenty of time before departure. For European flights the normal check in time is at least two hours before flight departure and for transatlantic flights 3 hours. We also recommend that you reconfirm your return journey with the carrier’s local Representative 72 hours before your return flight. Air transport regulations require that the spelling of your name on your ticket is identical to your passport.

Flight delays
In 2004 a new Europe wide law relating to denied boarding, delays and cancellations came into force. This may give you rights to care and in some cases compensation if you are affected. Full details of these rights are available at all UK and EU airports and from the airline you are flying with. Please note that any claims must made to the airline and not to ourselves. Reimbursement by an airline will not automatically entitle you to a refund of the holiday cost from us, which is dependent on these terms and any right to compensation will be reduced by any payments you receive from airlines or other service provides. If you are on a package holiday and are prevented, due to unavoidable and extraordinary circumstances, from returning home we will provide necessary accommodation for a maximum of three days

Baggage allowances
The baggage allowance per person is shown on your e-ticket and may vary by airline, destination and class of travel. Infants under the age of 2 on the date of their return flight have no allowance. Airlines are increasingly enforcing stricter controls over excess baggage. You should be aware that if you exceed the baggage allowance stated on your ticket then an excess baggage allowance may be charged by the airline at the time of checking in. The excess baggage charge may be as much as 1% of the premium fare charged by that airline per kilogram over your allowance.

If you are pregnant you should check with your doctor that it is safe for you to travel. If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant at the time of your return scheduled flight, airlines insist on a medical certificate stating you are fit to fly. 

Infants under 6 months must sit on the adults’ lap with an infant-strap during the flight. Infants over 6 months and under two years must sit on the adults’ lap unless there is a vacant seat. The minimum age limit for infants on scheduled flights is two weeks of age, on the date of departure. Infants will not be charged Air Passenger Duty or Airport Taxes (unless you are purchasing a seat), other taxes may apply.

A meal or snack is served on most long-haul scheduled flights. For travellers with special dietary requirements, special meals can normally be requested, and must be done so, well in advance of the travel date. V1P Travel Club accepts no liability for any requested special meals not being available.

Seating Requests
V1P Travel Club will pass on any seat requests to the relevant airline. However, we must stress that seating requests cannot be guaranteed, and we cannot be held responsible for requested seating being unavailable at the time of check – in. In some cases, airlines permit seat requests in advance only on the payment of additional fees, please ask at the time of booking.

Other Special Requests
If you have any other special requests in respect of the accommodation, or require airport assistance for example, please advise us at the time of booking. We will pass these requests on to the relevant supplier but must emphasise that we cannot guarantee they will be provided and cannot accept bookings which are dependent on specific requests

Overseas departure taxes
Many countries impose airport or departure taxes. Where these can be paid in advance, the cost will be included in the ticket price quoted. Other taxes may be payable in cash at the destination.

Frequent flyer schemes
Not all airline tickets sold by V1P Travel Club are eligible for mileage/points accrual. We strongly advise that you check with the airline(s) concerned regarding the use of frequent flyer membership(s) concerned regarding the use of frequent flyer membership(s) with your booking.

You must have insurance; we insist that in your own interests, you and other members of your party are adequately insured.


You are responsible for checking you and your party have the necessary passports, visas and other requirements for the destination you intend to visit. In particular many countries introduced new health formalities to allow entry and a failure to comply may result in you being denied travel by the airline or other transport provider and result in your holiday being cancelled and subject to the usual cancellation fees.

The airline may refuse travel if you do not have a valid passport, visa and entry permits. We are not obliged to help you if you are refused travel. Your passport and other documents must be intact, you may not be able to travel if they are damaged or have been tampered with. If you have any doubts on the validity or condition of your passport or for any other questions. 

Note your passport number before travel and keep it separate from your passport. This will help the local British Consulate to supply a temporary passport at short notice if you lose the original.

For travel to many countries, a British passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your scheduled return to the UK. For travel to the EU, your passport must have been issued within the last 10 years on the date of travel and have at least 3 months validity on the date of your return home. Some Countries apply different rules; contact the Embassy of your destination country for current information and any visa requirements.

Children under the age of 16 are now required to have their own passport and are not allowed to travel on their parent’s passport.

Any international traveller to the USA will have to complete an ESTA Form at least 72 hours prior to departure.  All persons travelling to the USA must now hold a machine-readable passport.

Bookings are accepted on the condition that passengers are British nationals and hold a valid British passport. Should this not be the case, V1P Travel Club must be made aware prior to booking. Failure to do so could result in amendments or cancellation without notice and subject to our cancellation polices.

Supplier Terms
Some providers require you, the travel agent, to read and adhere to their own Terms & Conditions. Where this is occurs, we will clearly display a link to the terms and conditions of these suppliers on the payment page prior to booking.

Sports & Events
When we offer tickets for sporting or other events, we do so solely as an agent for the organisers. As we have no control over the operation of the event, there is always a possibility that it will be cancelled or postponed, in which case the limit of our liability is to refund the value of the ticket purchased. Should you choose not to travel at all, our usual cancelation fees for the other elements of your holiday will still apply.